Portland Stone

Portland Stone is one of  the most famous building stone in the world. It is prized because of its white colour and fine, even grain. Stonemasons love its workable qualities and stunning marble-like looks. Many of London's great buildings and finest streets of houses are made from Portland Stone including, of course, Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral. Portland Stone was expensive even in Sir Christopher Wren's day yet remains justly popular for prestigious entrances.

Portland Stone is  limestone laid down in shallow tropical seas during the age of the dinosaurs and contains the remains of many small fossil sea shells and corals. Jurassic limestone is common worldwide, the marble-like appearance of Portland Stone is highly desirable and almost unique. Unlike Marble it is easily carved to fit and does not go slippery when wet, making it ideal for doorsteps.

The stone is still quarried on the Isle of Portland, Dorset from where it took its name, then worked by masons into the finished product.



Yorkstone is one of the finest sandstones in the world and the perfect choice when you need fine-looking buff coloured steps and paving. The stone we use is hand selected from Yorkshire and despite being over 300 million years old (older than the dinosaurs) it is remarkably fine and even grained, and our stonemasons make it look brand new.

For doorsteps and our paving we choose Yorkstone that is largely free from colour banding and avoid distinct bedding. Ours is top class, even grained (in all directions) and with very little colour variation— although we do allow a little to help retain a natural appearance. In fact, many synthetic-stone makers try to make their product look like Yorkstone!

York Stone is a very good choice for steps because it consists of small grains of quartz that are harder than glass. These grains are tightly packed together and are extremely hard wearing and have an excellent natural grip. York Stone does not go slippery when wet so makes a very safe choice of step. Because we choose only the best quality Yorkstone.


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